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Monday, December 16, 2013

SocialLinkMart - earn money easily just by sharing links to your social networks

SocialLinkMart was developed to provide an honest alternative to the social link spam sites that sell garbage Facebook Likes, Google Pluses, Twitter, Youtube views etc… You know the sites – they sell huge amounts of cheap social links – such as 5,000 Facebook Likes for $20.

SocialLinkMart is a site that offers to reward its members for social media sharing such as tweets, Facebook likes, Facebook shares, G+ shares etc.  This site was founded by John Lessnau. SocialLinkMart can be valuable not only for social media providers who want to make money; it can also be valuable for Advertisers who look for Social Media engagement and traffic to their sites. Search Engines such as Google really love content that are widely shared by visitors and tend to place such links high on the search results.
Social Links Increase Web Traffic
SocialLinkMart is a platform that brings the Advertisers and Publishers together for mutual benefit. While Advertisers can get quality links pointing to their sites from various sources  resulting in huge traffic at cheaper rates, Publishers earn money doing things that they normally do like tweeting and sharing content on social sites for money.  The Pay-out is normally made on the 1st or 2nd of the month for the previous month through PayPal. There is no minimum pay-out requirement. Whatever is earned by the provider for the previous month will be paid to their PayPal account

So, what are you waiting for? Join SocialLinkMart now by clicking on this link. Once you join the site, you will find videos to guide you. Have a nice day..!!

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